David Boyle

Localism columns 2014


Why we need to abolish DfC and DWP (Dec 2014)

The best way forward for localism in 2015 would be to abolish two government departments.

In search of a solicitor from Redditch (Nov 2014)

What happens when you fish for talent in too tiny a pool in the capital city.

Beware devolving to an urban oligopoly (Oct 2014)

The new politics of localism is beginning to emerge, and there are a number of pitfalls on both sides.

A Scottish enlightenment approach to independence (Sept 2014)

Is it time to revitalise the Council of the Isles?

If the cities were at all like Scotland (Jul/Aug 2014)

Imagine what concessions the cities could wring out of Whitehall if they were having a devolution ballot.


A hopeful oasis in the desert of policy-making (Jun 2014)

The public back new garden cities, but they have to live up to the original vision.

Goodbye, Marco Polo (May 2014)

Strange that the post-modern period seems to be coming so swiftly to an end.

Hollowing out the planning system (Apr 2014)

Planning hasn't been immune from the damage by centralised targets.

A Nelson Touch for government (Mar 2014)

How do we produce the kind of initiative and flexibility that Nelson created in our public services?

Can mayors rule the world? (Jan 2014)

Benjamin Barber's American thesis and how it applies to the UK.



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