David Boyle

Localism columns 2012


Mayors might be the key after all (Dec 2012)

The achievements of Ray Mallon, Stuart Drummond and hopefully George Ferguson too, have been a good advertisement for city mayors.

Time to reinvent consultation (Nov 2012)

It used to be the great hope of localism, but now the whole concept of consultation appears to be held in contempt by both professionals and public alike.

Hammering out the principles of a new economics (Oct 2012)

Why is it that government, central or local, finds it so hard to grasp the emerging principles of an economics that starts from the bottom up?

You don't understand.  To save places you have to destroy them! (Sept 2012)

The Treasury seems to have misunderstood the economics of localism.

The economics of food and music (Jul/Aug 2012)

Food and music seem to be key to local regeneration - so why don't planners think about them much?

I have seen the future and it doesn't work yet (Jun 2012)

The real crisis for local government budgets goes way beyond the present cuts, and that means we need to think much harder about prevention.

Water, water everywhere (May 2012)

Why the drought and floods are a metaphor for the centralised state - and what we can learn from it.

The proof of the pudding (Apr 2012)

Why the retail lobby are wrong about their predictions about traditional high streets - and why we will know soon enough.

What the Social Value Bill means for planning (Mar 2012)

The new law allowing public contracts to be decided on a different basis has important implications for the planning system too.

Making the world safe for flying French beans (Feb 2012)

Does transport infrastructure really make the difference to recovery that everyone says it does?

Mary Portas and the mantle of Jane Jacobs (Jan 2012)

The Portas report sits firmly in the tradition of Jane Jacobs and, as far as government is concerned, that is a major breakthrough.



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