David Boyle

Localism columns

The tyranny of the waiting room (Dec 2006)

Three incidents in one day, but a lot of money wasted.

Protecting what is ordinarily glorious (Nov 2006)

Why we need to be vigilant about the things which have no central government designation, but which are ordinarily wonderful.

Self-help and why the government hates it (Sept 2006)

What happened when one claimant tried to take some initiative to improve his life - outside a government approved scheme.

It's enough to send you up the Wal-mart (July/August 2006)

Beware of Wal-mart and Tesco talking democracy - there's an important caveat.

Spare me the details (Jun 2006)

It's the little things that make a difference - but they are out of reach to the centre.

The magic of giving things a name (May 2006)

How the phrase 'clone town' has shifted the debate.

My prescription for the Great Big Lottery (Apr 2006)

The lottery suffers because it is massively centralised.

The Nelson Touch for local government (Mar 2006)

The government should learn the art of delegation from Nelson.

A windmill on my windowsill (Feb 2006)

Why centralisation is hampering the energy debate.

To really screw up, you need a central government agency (Jan 2006)

You wouldn't know it by the debate, but centralisation is much more expensive than localism.



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