David Boyle

Localism columns

The snobbish ignorance of the BBC (May 2008)

What has the BBC got against local government?

Saltaire, Port Sunlight and the sad story of Hazel Blears (Apr 2008)

The government just can't bring themselves to trust local initiative.

When globalisation goes local (Mar 2008)

What happens when global trade links give localism the top priority.

Outcomes and outputs (Feb 2008)

The current fad for 'outcome' targets and 'smart' targets, and why it misses the point.

The economic benefits of small shops (Jan 2008)

Why the big landlords are changing their attitudes to local life.

Behind the gaily painted success of Totnes (Dec 2007)

Learning the economic lessons of the Transition Towns, and their new local currencies.

Lessons with mother (Oct 2007)

The difference between community midwives and health visitors: one lot are on our side, one are on the side of the Department of Health.

The five kinds of localism (Sept 2007)

Why the political debate about localism gets stuck on a narrow view of democracy - when localism means so much more.

Why protesting can make you richer (Aug 2007)

What really raises the value of a neighbourhood isn't undermining planning controls, it's listening to the protesters.

The truth lies on the 450 bus (Jun/Jul 2007)

The importance of the human factor in public services.

What do we mean by local? (May 2007)

Tesco's big mistake, and why they get the meaning of 'local' wrong.

The sad story of Northcote Road (Apr 2007)

What can politicians do about failing high streets?

Bird flu and the perils of centralisation (Mar 2007)

Why centralisation puts us more at risk.

When the free market isn't a free market (Feb 2007)

We would be a good deal better off with a Big Ten supermarkets than with a Big Four.

Why the centralisers don't like history very much (Jan 2007)

The memory of William Stanley is being eradicated from Norwood, and it's all to do with centralisation.

The tyranny of the waiting room (Dec 2006)

Three incidents in one day, but a lot of money wasted.

Protecting what is ordinarily glorious (Nov 2006)

Why we need to be vigilant about the things which have no central government designation, but which are ordinarily wonderful.

Self-help and why the government hates it (Sept 2006)

What happened when one claimant tried to take some initiative to improve his life - outside a government approved scheme.

It's enough to send you up the Wal-mart (July/August 2006)

Beware of Wal-mart and Tesco talking democracy - there's an important caveat.

Spare me the details (Jun 2006)

It's the little things that make a difference - but they are out of reach to the centre.

The magic of giving things a name (May 2006)

How the phrase 'clone town' has shifted the debate.

My prescription for the Great Big Lottery (Apr 2006)

The lottery suffers because it is massively centralised.

The Nelson Touch for local government (Mar 2006)

The government should learn the art of delegation from Nelson.

A windmill on my windowsill (Feb 2006)

Why centralisation is hampering the energy debate.

To really screw up, you need a central government agency (Jan 2006)

You wouldn't know it by the debate, but centralisation is much more expensive than localism.

A hole in the budget for potato prints (Dec 2005)  

Why the Education Bill means future sclerosis.

Any colour you like as long as it's white (Nov 2005)

What choice really means.

Why kitchens are the key to local renewal (Oct 2005)

Putting cooking back into schools.

The big lie of modern philanthropy (Sept 2005)

Centralisation of the voluntary sector.

Not another clone town campaign! (Jul 2005)

When everywhere looks the same.

How to fight urban domestos (Jun 2005)

The wealth of distinctiveness.

How to pay for Jamie Oliver (May 2005)  

Local procurement makes you richer.

The perils and pitfalls of cleaning your own teeth (Apr 2005)

The risk industry and its centralising effects.

The ten top definitions of New Localism (Feb 2005)

Many meanings of a buzzword.

The two minds of Gordon Brown (Jan 2005)

The local procurement dilemma.




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