David Boyle

Localism columns 2011

Why we might consider a national plan again (Dec 2011)

In 1931 and 1941, two attempts were made to create a national plan - we could learn from something similar now.

The strange rebirth of local money (Nov 2011)

Just when you thought they had gone for good, local currencies are back.

One and a half cheers for the framework (Oct 2011)

Why the controversial new National Planning Framework does get some key elements of local economics.

Recovering from concrete Croydon disease (Sept 2011)

Why is Croydon so wedded to defunct local economics?

Shards of glass versus pigs in backyards (July 2011)

The two rival versions of the future of cities.

Time to be a bit more sophisticated about money (June 2011)

We need the kind of debate about local government involvement in banking that they are having in the USA - but we need it here.

Why Mr Pickles won't be selling allotments after all

(May 2011)

Why letting councils sell of  allotment sites is not localism.

Right brain planning, left brain planning (Apr 2011)

We deal with the particular, but have not yet learned to deal with the big picture.

Going beyond Legoland (Mar 2011)

Why we need to trust ordinary people to exercise aesthetic judgement.

In search of weird (Feb 2011)

What would urban life be like if more cities looked like Bonnington Square in Vauxhall?

The curse of undemocratic planning (Jan 2011)

The hideous results when people are excluded from planning their neighbourhoods.




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