David Boyle

Localism columns 2009


Has Mister Localism missed the bus? (Dec 2009)

Are the chances for major decentralisation in the UK beginning to drift away?

The new back to the land generation (Nov 2009)

For the first time since the 1890s, young activists are interpreting their radicalism in terms of growing things - and that means big changes are ahead.

Shifting the narrative (Oct 2009)

We still haven't persuaded the mainstream that clone towns are economically impoverishing.

Why systems thinking scares Whitehall (Sept 2009)

Behind centralisation is usually an dysfunctional IT system.  But a theory has emerged which challenges it.

We have to start unravelling the Supplicant State (Jul/Aug 2009)

How did we ever let the localism debate get so narrow?

The lessons of Troughgate for planning (Jun 2009)

What the parliamentary expenses scandal tells us about the prospects for localism.

Why local decisions mean we need a local media (May 2009)

The decline of local newspapers is threatening good planning.

Consider the plight of the poor old regulator (Apr 2009)

Regulation can support localism or it can undermine it - the trouble is, our regulators are grinding to a halt.

The short term bonus culture we all pay for (Mar 2009)

The bonus culture isn't just in banks, it is also bankrupting our public services.

The perils of iatrogenic disease (Feb 2009)

We need a new word for economic collapse caused by regenerators.

Baby P and the lessons for planning (Jan 2009)

The engine of British centralisation is sheer snobbery.


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