David Boyle

Localism columns

Collections, culture and Christopher Columbus (Dec 2008)

Why does local government still so often not realise that local history is such a valuable asset?

Where is Captain Mainwaring now that we need him? (Nov 2008)

The strange re-discovery of local currencies.

Never mind the economy, it's not so bad for places (Oct 2008)

An optimistic view of the credit crunch.

Tax, charities and sperm banks (Sep 2008)

The slow centralisation of the UK voluntary sector.

The Olympics and the concrete mixer theory of regeneration (Jul/Aug 2008)

Why the 'legacy' claims of the London Olympics look so flimsy.

Magnificent May?  Then turn up the radiators (Jun 2008)

The magnificent little costs of centralisation.

The snobbish ignorance of the BBC (May 2008)

What has the BBC got against local government?

Saltaire, Port Sunlight and the sad story of Hazel Blears (Apr 2008)

The government just can't bring themselves to trust local initiative.

When globalisation goes local (Mar 2008)

What happens when global trade links give localism the top priority.

Outcomes and outputs (Feb 2008)

The current fad for 'outcome' targets and 'smart' targets, and why it misses the point.

The economic benefits of small shops (Jan 2008)

Why the big landlords are changing their attitudes to local life.


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