David Boyle


People Powered Prosperity

An investigation into why mainstream economic policy-makersa nd the emerging ultra-local radicals can't communicate with each other - and how to find a way forward (with Tony Greenham).

Where have all the little banks gone?

Practically every other country in Europe has a small banking sector, which is geared up and able to lend to small businesses in communities all over the country.  We don’t. 

Ten steps to save the cities

The Treasury doesn't know how to do it.  The cities think there is little they can do.  Actually a new approach is emerging that can claw back their economic destinies (new economics foundation report, July 2011).

Britain's supplicant state

Handing power downwards is bigger than just local decision-making: we also have to tackle those other aspects where we are supplicants to giant organisations, public and private (Guardian Comment is Free, June 2009).  See also pamphlet on The Supplicant State which this article relates to.

Detrimental effects

Why the Competition Commission has to prove itself, by defending local retailing, and why it misunderstands consumers (new economics foundation report, April 2007).

Making things work

Why localism is the key to reforming Britain's public services (Meeting the Challenge, September 2005).

Cheshire distinctiveness

About nef’s work with nine towns in Cheshire to help retain their distinctiveness (Radical Economics, July/August 2005).

Clone Town Britain

The nef report: how identikit high streets make us poorer and more dependent.




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