David Boyle


Reframing the debate about the environment

Why has the Left in the UK been so incredibly slow to take up the causes of the environment and development?  I’ve written an essay suggesting some reasons in a new publication about how we might reframe the debate in such a way that politicians on all sides might grasp the importance of the planet (ResPublica, Dec 2011).

Really Facing the Future

The Lib Dems published their document Facing the Future in September 2011, but Simon Titley and I didn't think it faced the future nearly enough - so we have written our own version of the future directions for Liberalism(Liberator, Sept 2011).

Cleggmania in reverse: staying on the right side of the revolt

It isn't just the students - there is another more important revolt going on, and Lib Dems need to be on the correct side (Lib Dem Voice, 2 Dec 2010).

Time to take on The Thing

Cobbett called it 'The Thing' and we have an opportunity to slay it, if we dare (Lib Dem Voice, 10 Oct 2010).

The new green agenda is mental strife

The latest research emphasises the extraordinary humanising qualities of green surroundings: why aren;t we acting on it? (Challenge, Spring 2008).

Ten years on: the tragedy of 1997

Why 1997 turned the Lib Dems into just another political party - and the way forward: the rise of the New Liberalism (Liberator, July 2007)

Lions led by donkeys

Tony Blair's disastrous legacy: what if we actually lost the War on Terror? (Liberator, September 2006).

All to gain on the carbon diet?

A glimpse of the world in 2021, ten years after energy rationing (Environment Agency, February 2006).

Hearts and minds

Do political parties have a future?  If so, what will they look like? (Liberator, June 2006).

In search of a narrative

All politicians are looking for a ‘narrative’ – but what is that? (Liberator, August 2005).

What is to be done?

Unveiling the Liberal Democrats’ underlying narrative (Liberator, July 2005).

Why property is not theft after all

Distributism, monopolists and the strange rebirth of Liberal ownership policy (Liberator, December 2004).

Hitler, Cromwell and the moral case for Europe

We may not like the centralising tendency of the European Union, but don't let us forget why it needs to exist (Liberator, Autumn, 2004).

Is it time we dusted down the idea of national service?

Why national service is a radical idea of the left in the USA (The Reformer, Autumn, 2004).

2020 Vision

A glimpse of the way we live in the year 2020 (Environment Agency/Your Environment, Autumn, 2003).

Let them live in flats!

Why 21st century cities need to be greener, but not denser (Radical Economics, Sept/Oct 2002).

The meaning of Harold Shipman

He may be the biggest serial killer in UK history, but this may actually be an example of overweening professional pomposity (Liberator, Sept 2002).

Summit leaders, protesters, police – who do they think they are?

The G8 in Genoa: an example of arrogance all round (Liberator, Autumn 2001).

What does divorce have to do with sustainability?

Bad housing causes divorce – and vice versa (Green Futures, 9 Nov 2000).


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