David Boyle

Localism columns 2013


The sheer complexity of centralised government (Dec 2013)

Why do governments find it so hard to move, and why do communities find it so hard to act?  Because it's so complicated.

The struggle for the soul of public services (Nov 2013)

An argument is mounting that will turn public services on their heads, and not before time.

Creative destruction in the energy market (Oct 2013)

Bottom-up energy generation seems to be dividing the free market right around the world.

The strange rebirth of collaborative planning (Sept 2013)

New tools are making possible things we only dreamed of in the 1980s.

Written on the grave of localism: potholes (Jul/Aug 2013)

When the Chief Secretary to the Treasury announces money for potholes, you know the localism game is up.

Little boxes all the same (Jun 2013)

What it means that garden cities are back on the political agenda.

Why the middle classes can't survive in London (May 2013)

The peculiar ethic cleansing that is happening in our capital thanks to the property bubble.

Time to put regeneration out of its misery (Apr 2013)

Conventional regeneration has finally reached a dead end, and a good thing too.

The euthanasia of the clones (Mar 2013)

What we never expected in the Clone Town campaign ten years ago was that the clones would commit hari-kari.

When the seas rise (Feb 2013)

The lessons for localism for the great floods of January 1953 - a crisis in a different world.

A glimmer of hope for Chinese planning (Jan 2013)

What we might learn from the Chinese eco-town phenomenon.



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