David Boyle

Localism columns 2010


Regulate the big, set the small free (Dec 2010)

Not everything is equal, and it makes no sense to treat it as if it was.

Only half a revolution so far (Nov 2010)

Why the Localism Bill is not going to go nearly far enough.

Being a little more radical still (Oct 2010)

Why the coalition is not yet taking localism to its logical next steps.

The strange new debate about local planning (Sept 2010)

Are Pickles and Clark really localists?  Yes, but there is some way to go.

The need for multi-directional impact generators (Jul/Aug 2010)

Why the cost-cutters could learn from Al Gore's National Performance Review.

All hail the new lending infrastructure (Jun 2010)

The lack of a local lending infrastructure lies behind so many of the new ambitions of the coalition government.

Ant, Dec and real political reform (May 2010)

The coalition government improves the prospects for genuine localism.

The case of the local bank that didn't bark (Apr 2010)

The USA seems to be undergoing a revival of local banks.  Why aren't we?

If money was more like water (Mar 2010)

Part of the reason so many local economies continue to suffer is that we are not flexible enough in the way we understand money.  We need to learn from Cleveland's Evergreen Project.

Grit, imagination and snow ploughs (Feb 2010)

Why does local government in the USA seem to have more energy than it does in the UK?

Waitrose or EasyCouncil? (Jan 2010)

The coming debate on mutual public services.

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