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Newsletter summer 2011

Ten steps to save the cities

That is the name of a short report I’ve just written for the New Economics Foundation, pointing out that Whitehall lacks a policy for reviving the northern cities (except perhaps ‘wait and see’) and suggesting the outlines of an approach which can claw back their economic destinies – if only they have the nerve to try.

How to tackle corporate greed

Andrew Simms and I have written a report called The Ratio, which suggests that companies should have to publish the ratio between their highest and lowest paid on the front of their annual report.  But we also believe that low ratios are a sign of companies that think-long term, use their imagination and which are destined for greater success.  It may be that a new corporate form is emerging which will be so successful that it will take over.

Why prices rise

The real reasons for inflation include banking bonuses and supermarket monopolies.   It has everything to do with our dysfunctional economy, so why is this so rarely discussed?

When the dinosaurs start quoting Schumacher

Strange.  An article in the New York Times by a renewables sceptic urged us to read Small is Beautiful because of Schumacher’s support for nuclear energy.  What can be going on?  Susan Witt from the New Economics Institute replies.

What co-production isn’t

Even the NHS is now committed to co-production, but do they know what it is?  That’s the question I addressed when I spoke at the Scottish Parliament on what co-production is and isn’t, at one of NESTA’s co-production roadshow events that introduced the idea around the country.


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