David Boyle's Funny Money

This is a site about money: not the usual kind of pounds or dollars, but new kinds conjured maybe out of the imagination of the people who need to use it, but which are concrete enough to change the our disastrous dependence on a wildly fluctuating global economic system. Alternative currencies can be LETS, time dollars, hours or shares. They can be inflation-proof and interest-free. And we can all create them: we don't have to wait around for the banks or governments. Welcome to the debate: let me know what you think!

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David Boyle lives in Crystal Palace, London, UK.

He has been editor of New Economics, Town & Country Planning, Liberal Democrat News and others too numerous to mention.

Previous publications:

Building Futures: A layman's guide to the inner city debate
(W.H.Allen 1989)

What is New Economics?
(NEF 1993)

World War II: A photographic history
(Barnes & Noble 1997)

Alternative Identities, Alternative Currencies
(Centre for Reform, 1999)

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