Funny Money: In search of alternative cash

"Only our limited ideas about money are keeping us poor…"

Funny Money is published by HarperCollins UK in January 1999. It features the new alchemists of the USA who have found new ways of conjuring money out of next to nothing. After reading this book, you will never think about money in quite the same way again.

Paperback is now £6 plus p&p. It can be ordered from the New Economics Foundation

What they said about Funny Money

"Written by the alternative economists' answer to Bill Bryson, this ... is the most delightful read, thoughtful and quite unlike any book on economics I have ever read."
(Social and Environmental Accounting newsletter )

"Hugely entertaining"
(BBC Radio Northampton)

"Part travelogue, part polemic, Funny Money is an inspirational book, crammed with ideas and crowded with eccentrics, the pioneers of alternatives to cash. After reading it, the Queen's head on Britain's bank notes looks somehow less impressive"
(Times Educational Supplement)



Funny Money

Introduction: In search of the new alchemists

  1. Washington: Money as time
  2. Still Washington: Money as moral energy
  3. Philadelphia: Money as burden
  4. New York: Money as religion
  5. Ithaca: Money as lifeblood
  6. Minneapolis: Money as information
  7. Berkshires: Money as vegetables
  8. How to be richer



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