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Broke: Who Killed the Middle Classes? Blogs and articles

Why we all need the middle classes (Guardian Comment is Free, 7 May 2013).

Tough on the causes of UKIP (The Real Blog, 4 May 2013)

Vanessa Feltz made me think (The Real Blog, 3 May 2013)

We are all losing out to the One Per Cent, even the middle classes (New Economics Foundation blog, 1 May 2013)

Can we save the middle classes? (Conservative Home, 29 Apr)

Why I want to save the middle classes (Mumsnet, 24 Apr 2013)

When I became the squeezed middle myself (The Real Blog, 24 Apr 2013)

On getting on the front of the Sunday Times Review (The Real Blog, 21 Apr 2013)

Whose side is Toby Young On? (The Real Blog, 17 Apr 2013)

The peculiar irony of Thatcherism (The Real Blog, 9 Apr 2013)




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