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Other books and reports

A Radical Politics for Business (2015)

UK business is no longer a conservative force. It is increasingly radical.

Jerusalem: England's National Anthem (2015)

The story behind the words and music of a song which looks set to be the new anthem of England.


People Powered Prosperity: Ultra-local approaches to making poorer places wealthier (2015)

An investigation into why mainstream economic policy-makersa nd the emerging ultra-local radicals can't communicate with each other - and how to find a way forward (with Tony Greenham).

Give and Take: How timebanking is transforming healthcare (2014)

The story behind the great innovation in social health - time banks - and what should happen next (with Sarah Bird).

Peace on Earth: The Christmas Truce (2014)

What really happened over the Christmas period on the Western Front and why and a look at the continuing mystery of what happened afterwards.

Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma (2014)

The bestselling tale of Alan Turing, code-breaker, computing pioneer, future prophet, and - in some ways - martyr for the modern world.  Available also as a paperback.

Unheard, Unseen (2013)

The strange story of submarine E14 and the Dardanelles, the only submarine in the world where both commanding officers won the highest bravery award.  Available also as a paperback.

The Age to Come (2013)

What is in store for us after the age of post-modernism starts to crumble away?

On the Eighth Day, God Created Allotments (2013)

The unexpected political history of the UK allotments movements its growing significance.

The Ratio (2011)

Why companies should be forced to publish the ratio between their highest and lowest pay on the front cover of their annual report.

Money Matters (2009)

Easy guide to the peculiarities and history of money and how it doesn't work, with facts and quotes.

The New Economics: A bigger picture (2009)

(With Andrew Simms) A guide to the new economics.

Localism: Tackling the Supplicant State (2009)

nef pamphlet explaining why localism doesn't go nearly far enough.

Greening, actually (2009)

Lib Dem councillors putting green politics into action.

The Theory and Practice of Community Economics (2008)

With Bernard Greaves, extending the community politics idea to economics.

Communities, actually (2008)

Lib Dem councillors putting community politics into action.

Power, actually (2007)

Lib Dem local authorities and the business of local innovation.

Who's the Entrepreneur? (2007)

The amazing story of BizFizz and enterprise coaching.

Life at Sixty: the NHS after 2008 (2006)

nef/Young Foundation discussion paper, written with Geoff Mulgan and Rushanara Ali.

Carrots not Sticks (2004)

National Consumer Council report on the prospects for a sustainable consumption reward card.

Towards an Asset-based NHS (2004)

New Economics Foundation report on a co-production approach to the future of public health.

The Communist Manifesto (2004)

Commentary in the 'Manifesto' series.

Beyond Yes and No (2003)
New Economics Foundation report on a multi-currency alternative to the euro.

African Americans (2002)
In the Coming to America series.

Impressionist Art (2001)

Introduction in the Crash Course series.

Renaissance Art (2000)
Introduction in the Crash Course series.

Why London Needs its own Currency (2000)

New Economics Foundation pamphlet.

After Community Politics (2000)

Liberator pamphlet on the future organisation of politics.

Alternative Currencies, Alternative Identities (1999)

Centre for Reform pamphlet on complementary currencies.

Virtual Currencies (1999)

Financial Times Finance Management Report, now out of print.

What is New Economics? (1993)

New Economics Foundation pamphlet.

Building Futures (1989)

A guide to the debate about inner cities.










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