David Boyle

The New Renaissance

Extract from Chapter 12 of Authenticity

At the same time, we have also seen the emergence of an articulate but growing minority of the population who are rejecting the idea that the unstoppable march of progress meant a fake, second-rate world and are demanding something authentic - real human contact, real experience, real connection. They don't just want authenticity - this is no puritanical return: they want to enjoy getting drunk occasionally, they want fast food when it's convenient, and they certainly want to use the internet. But they don't want that to be their only choice. They want something authentic to go back to.

Their demand for reality is partly in response to the failure of these technocratic dreams, but also partly because some of them have been so successful - the rise of personal computers, fast food and food additives, for example - that they fear for their grip on reality. They are the living embodiment of Robert Nozick's prediction: 'In a virtual world, we'll be longing for reality even more'.


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