David Boyle

Newsletter autumn 2009

The launch of the Brixton pound
The launch of the Brixton pound by Transition Town Brixton was one of those packed energetic events that I’ll never forget, a huge jamboree in Lambeth Town Hall, addressed by the chief executive of the council – and by me. What I said has been picked up by various Transition Town websites, on both sides of the Atlantic. This was the gist.

Greening local government
My very short book Greening, Actually, has been published by the Lib Dem wing of the Local Government Association, as a sequel to Power, Actually (2007) and Communities, Actually (2008) – all of them an attempt to write about politics in practice, rather in the style of an American business magazine.

Stopped for questioning
There I was on Victoria Station, admittedly wearing shorts, and suddenly I was being stopped and searched under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. A strange experience which has made me think a little more deeply about public services and how they work.

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