David Boyle

The Age to Come: Authenticity, post-modernism and how to survive what comes next

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What comes after post-modernism?

The way we all live our lives is dominated by sweeping philosophical trends which cover culture, politics and morality.  These days, the age of post-modernism determines so much of what we think, wear, eat and buy - with its cacophony of voices, its global influences, its shiny, glitzy, ironic and media savvy world of jokes, fakery and moral relativism.

My new book follows up where Authenticity blazed a trail, and suggests that the first shoots are emerging of a new age which looks set to sweep it away, based on depth, authenticity and human relationships, which will change the lives of our children completely.

The Age to Come: Authenticity, Post-Modernism and How To Survive What Comes Next, is a collection of recent essays, plus a new essay on 'The Age to Come' that heralds the emergence of a new prevailing philosophy.  It is published as an ebook for Kindles and computers at £1.99.

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