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Welcome to David Boyle's website.

It is about some aspects of my work around history and future, and although it covers politics, money

and business, it is devoted to one broad theme: the importance of human-scale institutions over centralised ones, human imagination over dull rationalism, and the human spirit over technocratic reduction.

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"David Boyle is the finest radical voice of this generation."

Ed Mayo, Co-operatives UK

"David Boyle, part writer, part journalist, part politico, part historian, part economist and mostly brains, intellect and common-sense."

Roy Lilley, NHS blogger, NHSmanagers.net 

Peace on Earth: the mystery of the Christmas Truce

Exactly a century ago, the soldiers on both sides of the opposing lines came out of the trenches, sang and played football, sometimes for more than a week.  It was one of the strangest, most inspiring, most controversial but spontaneous acts of war.  But there remain unanswered, and sometimes uncomfortable, questions.

title: books by David Boyle
Broke Voyages of Discovery Money Matters Blondel's Song Leaves World to Darkness The Little Money Book Funny Money The Tyranny of Numbers